Friday, February 22, 2013

Welcome to my blog!!

Welcome to 2inPink!!  I'm so excited to get my new blog up and running.  I feel like exciting things are in the future!

Let's do a little "about me" really quick.  I'm 31 years old born and raised in Los Angeles.  I met my hubby in 2000 and it was love at first sight...well...sort of anyways.  We got married in 2005 and had our first daughter in 2008.  We then decided we wanted to add to the chaos and my youngest daughter was born in 2011.  I'm a SAHM and try to enjoy every second I have with my girls.  As crazy as they can drive me I wouldn't change it for the world!

I've always loved being crafty but love it even more so now that I can get my girls involved while doing it.  I'm OBSESSED with baby gear and products (which i'm sure you'll figure out on your own soon enough)  I love reading about it, i love writing about it, i love thinking about it, i love looking at it...i just love everything about it.  Just thinking about it makes me giddy, strange, I know.

So i've started this blog as my "spot" to talk about all of my favorite things!  I'll share with you the baby products i couldn't live with out and the ones i don't care to live with at all.  I'll show you the crafts I love and everything and anything else I try to talk to my 2 year old about while my 4 year old is in school and she looks at me like i'm crazy and asks for juice or a pancake.

So...with out further adieu I present to you 2inPink!



  1. Yay! Welcome to Blogland! Awesome so far. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Great blog, you and your husband look like a great parents. Can't wait to read more from your blog.